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Corporate,  institutional, event and music videos, documentaries and short films

still photography

Events, architecture, and portraits for fashion, fitness, personal and professional use


Our world is ever more dominated by screens and images. High-quality video and photo work has become ever more important today, with cameras and content available in abundance. Nearly every one has a camera in their pocket, and while this has made more people interested in taking photographs — a great achievement in its own right — it has made it ever harder to make your work and ideas stand out.

That's where I come in. If you need great standout photographs for personal use or exceptional images and videos for your product, website or service, I'll work with you to build the exact impact you want to achieve.

I specialise in portraits, landscapes, and product photography, as well as documentaries, short films, corporate films and music videos.


Please get in touch for pricing using the link below. If you're in a rush and absolutely cannot wait, you can reach me directly through the email address and phone number below, and I'll let you know immediately when I'm available.

If you need a photographer for your wedding, my friend Tara McManus (an incredible fashion photographer) and I also run Wedding Wows, a wedding photography service that you can learn more about here.

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